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Real Estate in Istanbul

Current turmoil has not made people scared to invest in Istanbul; it still captures the interest of investors. It’s really amazing to see how Turkey has managed to maintain it’s buoyant in such a tough time. One of the reasons could be the ease with which people do purchase property in Istanbul also lower interest rates have attracted crowd, especially foreign buyers. Owing an apartment in Istanbul is...

Investment in Turkey

Investment in Turkey is becoming an ever increasing trend due to the economic crisis in the European Union coupled with the relative merits of a booming Turkish economy, which has seen its GDP more than tripling to USD 772 billion in 2011, compared to USD 232 billion in 2002. The average GDP growth rate is 5.2% over the last 9 years making Turkey the 18th largest economy in the world and the 7th...

Property in Antalya

Antalya’s beautiful and varied scenery, from mountains to sandy beaches with secret clear water bays, ensures that property in Antalya is always in demand. For all year round vibrancy look no further than Antalya City, the working hub of south western Turkey whose large blue collar work force means that renting out your apartment on a long term contract is guaranteed. Indeed, many Antalya off-plan...

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