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Turkey property for sale

You will often see the phrase ‘Turkey property for sale’ on the internet as more and more buyers are looking to purchase villas and apartments in Turkey, not just because of favorable prices and the ever sunny climate, but also due to the excellent construction firms who enjoy an, often, worldwide reputation. Turkey also has a solid banking system with HKBC outlets operating in every part of the country. A recently introduced mortgage system means that Turkey property for sale can now be accessed by more buyers, leading to an increased demand for real estate, which is why Turkey is now considered one of the best investment markets for property.

Turkish economy has fought with their crisis in an effective manner and in the last few years they have shown amazing growth. With their honest effort that resulted into amazing performance, it has become a great choice for investment ahead of the EU. With few but effective changes in their macroeconomic strategies and in their economic policies, they have made it possible to transform the country into the major recipients of FDI in the region.

Turkey property for sale is especially abundant in the boom areas of Turkey in seaside resort towns like Side, or the golf heaven of Belek. Antalya City is famous for the high per capital gains investors can make on apartment purchases in just a relatively short period of time, not to mention rental income which is so good; many apartments often come with from 2 up to 5 year rental guarantees.

Turkey property for sale offers excellent profit rates for off-plan apartments, for instance, a 2 bed off-plan apartment in Side, Antalya if purchased in the first phase of construction could net the seller 25/35% on purchase price if sold in the final phase of construction. New Antalya City off-plan apartments also show similar rates and are considered the best kept secret among real estate investors in Turkey.

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